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You'll Say I Do to These Engagement Party DIYs

You’ll Say I Do to These Engagement Party DIYs

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Celebrate your engagement with a party that’s all about the diamonds, the bubbly and the couple.

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26 Ideas to Steal for Your Apartment: Ideas for Apartments, Condos, and Rentals

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26 Ideas to Steal for Your Apartment: Ideas for Apartments, Condos, and Rentals

Add an Entry

If your apartment lacks a designated entry, create your own with a bookcase. Remove the top shelves and install hooks on the back wall of the bookcase for hanging coats. Add more hooks to the sides of the books case for hanging leashes or umbrellas. Outfit the bottom shelves with baskets and small drawers for storing mittens, sunglasses, and other out-the-door essentials. Add a memo bar from an office supply store to the top of the bookcase as a place to organize reminders.

via 26 Ideas to Steal for Your Apartment: Ideas for Apartments, Condos, and Rentals.

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Backyard Projects | Make a Movie Screen for Your Backyard

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Movie Screen

When it comes to entertaining in your backyard, you can install lighting to ward off the night or you can take advantage of the darkness and break out your custom-built outdoor movie screen. With just a few simple steps and a few simple tools, turn your yard into a home theater to rival the drive-in.

via Backyard Projects | Make a Movie Screen for Your Backyard |

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DIY Stenciled Rugs

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Outdoor rugs are ridiculously expensive and you're often limited to just a few styles. Here's how to make your own runners for your garage out of one cheap outdoor rug, some spray paint, and a vinyl cutting machine!

Materials Needed:

Vinyl Cutting Machine

card stock

spray adhesive

1 6x9 outdoor rug

painters tape

straight edge razor blade

newspaper or cardboard


1. Fold the rug in half lengthwise. Use a piece of chalk to make a line down the center of the rug. Place the rug on a piece of cardboard and cut along the line with the razor blade. Set the rug aside.

2. Choose the word or phrase you want to paint on the rug and use the vinyl cutting machine to cut the letters out of cardstock. Make sure the letters are big enough to make a statement!

3. Position the letters on the rug until you are satisfied with the layout. We used a tape measure to make sure ours were centered on the runner. Spray the back of each letter with spray adhesive and lay them back in place.

4. We wanted the negative space to be the word, so we taped out a rectangle around the outside of our letters and then used ultra-sticky floor protection around the outside of the rectangle so that the rest of the rug would not get covered in paint.

5. Spray paint the open space with your desired color. Keep the can aimed straight down and keep it moving to prevent bleeding under the letters. Remove the floor protection and letters from the rug and you're done! Now on to the second rug!

6. We wanted to create some graphic arrows leading into the house and out of the house. To do this, we broke our rug into six sections. We then measured the center point of each section the top and then used chalk to draw a line to the outside corners of the bottom of the section.

7. Use painters tape along the chalk lines to mark off the arrows. Then, fill in all the open space around the arrows with painters tape so that nothing but the arrows are showing.

8. Spray paint the triangles and let dry. Remove the tape and you just finished your second rug.

You now have two custom rug runners - not bad for an afternoon of work!

via DIY Stenciled Rugs | Knock It Off! | The Live Well Network.

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4 Frugal Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

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DIY Air Freshener

Lavender is synonymous with rejuvenation and calmness,

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Thanksgiving Table DIY Projects

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Thanksgiving DYI

Looking to spruce up your Thanksgiving table with items you already have? We have three DIY's to get you ready for the big turkey day.

Gold Rimmed Glasses

Materials: Martha Stewart metallic paint for glass, inexpensive water glasses, small roller, and painter's tape.

Instructions: Tape off your preferred design on the glass. Roll gold paint on with a small roller, the glass should be completely covered. Let dry and peel off painted tape. To cure, bake at lowest temperature for one hour.

Note: Martha Stewart's gold paint for glass is non-toxic, permanent, and waterproof.

Turkey Decal Dessert Plates

Materials: dessert plates, water slide decal paper, and an ink jet or laser jet printer

Instructions: Find an image online, we chose a turkey for Thanksgiving. Print that image out on decal papermake sure to use paper specified to the type of printer you have. Once image is dry, cut it out with minimal borders. Place the graphic face down on a plate, soak in water, and then peel off backing. Position and wait until dried. Cure in oven on lowest temperature for one to two hours.

Festive Cloche Centerpiece

Materials: glass cloche, decorative items and trinkets (can be gathered from around the house), feathers, leaves, pumpkins, moss, florist foam, large tray

Instructions: Have fun with this! Assemble your pieces until you are happy with them. Build up pieces by layering on top of moss and florist foam. Arrange your cloches on a large tray and surround them with leaves and more moss. You can also put cloches on top of cake plates or boxes to create levels at your table.

Sources: table, chairs, cowhide rug, wall art, and mirrors, Zilli Home; pillows, throws, cloches, cutlery, and napkins, Indigo; plates, HomeSense; wood chargers, Pottery Barn; glassware, Dollarama.

via Thanksgiving Table DIY Projects | Steven and Chris | The Live Well Network.

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DIY Painted Garage Floors

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Garage Floor

The one feature of a garage that makes it feel like a cold outdoor space is the concrete floor! To make it feel like an extension of your home, try painting it with this DIY technique that will make it look like an expensive stone floor.

Materials Needed:

Garage floor epoxy paint

paint rollers with long poles


shop-vac. hose

decorative color flecks

1. Clear out the garage. Thoroughly sweep the entire garage to remove any dust or debris. If you have a shop-vac, even better! Rinse the entire space with soapy water and let dry completely.

2. Mix the epoxy paint thoroughly according to the directions. Most epoxy floor paints needs to be used in a certain amount of time, so be sure to allot the proper amount of time.

3. Begin by cutting in with a paint brush along the edges of the garage. Then, working in small sections at a time (4 feet by 4 feet), roll the paint onto the floor. After rolling the small area, sprinkle the decorative chips onto the wet paint. How much to use is completely up to you and your preferences!

4. Continue working in small sections until you've covered the entire surface of the garage floor. Let the paint completely dry overnight (16-24 hours) before walking on it.

You would not believe how much this one simple project changed the look of this hard-working garage! Now it's your turn- go ahead and give it a try!

via DIY Painted Garage Floors | Knock It Off! | The Live Well Network.

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