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Robin Roberts comes out as gay in Facebook post

Photo: "Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts came out publicly in a Facebook post today.

In the post, she remembers the one-year anniversary of reaching 100 days after her bone marrow transplant, and says she is "grateful" for her longtime girlfriend, Amber, and her family.


LOS ANGELES (KABC) — ‘Good Morning America’ co-anchor Robin Roberts publicly came out as gay in a Facebook post on Sunday.

In the Facebook post, Roberts remembers the one-year anniversary of reaching 100 days after her bone marrow transplant.

She thanked her supporters saying, “I am grateful for my entire family, my long time girlfriend, Amber, and friends as we prepare to celebrate a glorious New Year together.”

The post is the first time she’s made public mention of her girlfriend, Amber Laing, a massage therapist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Roberts’ post was confirmed by ABC News spokeswoman Heather Riley.

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Black Moms ARE Different, and That’s OK

Yet another white mom stomped onto my site last week, questioning why I write for and about moms of color. Apparently, the word “brown” in my blog title made her feel some kinda ways about my posts, subject matter, and intent, and she questioned why, if “everyone wants to be celebrated and recognized as ‘equal,’” I would “segregate” myself with a blog about skin color.

Um, you really want to make my nostrils flare? Tell me that you “don’t see color.” Or that we’re all the same — no matter the color, race, income level, background, origin, beliefs. Or that by simply acknowledging and speaking to issues that affect black moms specifically, I’m “segregating” myself.

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