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11 foods that make you feel better — an hour later –

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Chocolate ice cream and deep-dish pizza may be more appealing than kale and almonds, but we usually feel bloated and sluggish after eating fatty, greasy foods.

What about foods that are both yummy and make us feel happier and more energetic?

In a recent interview in the blog Well + Good, Siggi Hilmarsson, founder of Siggi’s Icelandic yogurt, talked about his favorite indulgences like dark chocoalate said whole milk, saying, “I like things that make you feel good an hour after you’ve eaten them.”

That’s a brilliant concept.

Feeling good after eating is behavioral, biological, and depends on our associations or food “memories,” says Madelyn Fernstrom, TODAY health and nutrition editor. “We are hard wired to enjoy more palatable foods,” said Fernstrom. “My mantra is there are no bad foods, just bad portions.”

So, here are a few super foods that you can enjoy while eating and — bonus! —make you feel great afterwards.

via 11 foods that make you feel better — an hour later –

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Don’t Touch My Hair!

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There’s one big no-no when it comes to a woman’s personal space…

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