Credit Checks that Could Hurt You

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Credit Checks that Could Hurt You

(ARA) – With the economy taking a roller coaster ride and investors making detailed credit and background checks for loan requests, it’s important to check your own credit before a lender does. When a lender checks your credit, the inquiry stays on your credit history. Too many requests in a short period of time could hurt your score. But did you know that checking your own credit won’t hurt your score?

Credit Checks that Could Hurt You

Checking your own credit is something that you should do a few times a year, or at least a few months before you apply for a major loan:

1. Check your credit score to see where you stand. To raise your credit score, try to pay bills on time, maintain a low amount of overall debt and check your credit at least once a year to see your progress.

2. Review your credit report for credit errors and unauthorized credit checks. Remove the errors that are dragging down your score.

To see exactly what lenders see, plus of the factors that affect your personal credit score, you should check your credit report through a free service from instantly gives you a free detailed, personalized analysis of your credit report with advice on how to improve it. Checking your own credit report at will not hurt your score.

Your report from will show you details like accounts with past late payments, the various types of credit you’ve used, current balances and recent requests for credit. You also have the opportunity to fight negative or wrong information on your file. can refer you to a reputable credit repair service if you need it.

Be prepared for when you need a loan in this tough economy. Visit to check your credit report and see your updated credit score today.

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