How to Shop at Thrift Stores

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Thrift Stores

How to Shop at Thrift Stores

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Want to find great finds for cheap? Need materials for quilting, or sewing perhaps? Maybe you’re simply just bored. Whatever the reason, find out great tips for thrifting below!

1 Find thrift stores and secondhand stores in your area. Big cities tend to have more of them but you can find these stores in just about any town. You can also use directories online to find your nearest thrift store.

2. Decide why you. are going. Are you just looking for cute stuff in general or do you have something in mind?

3 Start looking. Some stores are more organized than others. After you have been to a few you’ll know which ones are better than others. Understand the system, if you can. You may find things organized by gender, type of clothes, color and size, or you may find just a mass of clothes and household objects. Start with the more organized stores until you become proficient at looking through clothes
4 Pick up anything that catches your eye and possibly try it on in the dressing room. If you don’t like the idea of putting someone else’s clothes on before washing them, buy whatever you think will look nice, wash the items at home, and re-donate them as needed. Also you should know that the clothing item may look better on you then it does on the hanger! So try something on, you might like it. Experiment with clothes; put different things together.
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5 Don’t forget the other items in a thrift store. If you need to furnish an apartment inexpensively, for instance, thrift stores can be an excellent source of dishes, pots and pans, and even furnishings. Don’t forget to look for a good deal on an attractive bedspread to cover up a comfortable but unsightly sofa. You might even find that shopping in a thrift store is less costly than moving items or renting furniture. You also can find awesome decor for your room, like posters, pictures, trinkets and more.

It might not all match, but that can be a great thing. Go for an eclectic look, instead. If you’d like mixed pieces to have a bit more unity, try painting, covering, or refinishing them

If you love to read, browse through the book selection. Used books are often very inexpensive, but many of the books found in relatively low-traffic thrift shops are beat up. Make sure a book isn’t missing any pages before buying it; a simple flip-through works well enough.
Check out the accessories. You’ll find belts, purses, luggage, shoes, hats, and even jewelry (usually the costume variety) at a fraction of their regular prices.thrift-store
Watch for bargains. Many thrift stores have sales or clearance racks to unload items that have not sold in some time. Also, keep a look out for store-wide sales, such as student discount day or others. Most thrift shops will have signs up for these events.
Before buying an item, take a good look at it. Did somebody get rid of it for an obvious reason, or is it in good shape? Is it stained? Does it have any holes or tears that can’t be easily fixed?
  • Certain items, such as can openers, are very seldom donated unless they’re not working.
  • Clothing, by contrast, is frequently discarded simply because it no longer fits or flatters its original owner, or simply because it’s last year’s style. Do, however, look over it for obvious damage such as a stain or tear.
  • Keep in mind that most clothing and footwear found at thrift shops can be purchased and altered for a fraction of the price of new items. Additionally, the quality of older items frequently surpasses modern manufacturing techniques and is well worth the price of repair.
10 If the thrift store has a make-up or underwear section, feel free to bypass them without guilt. Many people aren’t comfortable with wearing used underwear, and makeup may be incredibly old.
11 Check back often! The good stuff never lasts long and frequent trips will ensure that you do not miss any incredible finds.

12 Ask when the store puts new items on the shelves; many stores have set days for new inventory additions.

13 Keep in mind, that larger thrift stores may have higher prices than a small thrift store. But, sometimes this means the items are better quality.

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