How to Be a Good Shopper

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How to Be a Good Shopper

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Are you confused by the trends? We all get that way, and as a buyer for some of the largest clothing retailers I can get you the best deals, guys and gals, lets get started!

# Figure out your budget. You need not a lot of money, but the more you have, the more you get.

# Know your size. This sounds ridiculous, but you will be shocked at how many people are WAY too concerned with it. Sizes are different with each manufacturer. Don’t get too caught up in it.

# Go in with a game plan. Truly only go shopping for outfits, or classic pieces, or outer wear. Don’t do it all in one shop.

# Research prices on the internet. Do not buy from the internet (yet) but just get prices. Most people are actually a size smaller than they thought. Also, make sure that if you are store loyal that they have a good return policy.

# Try it on. If it’s just ok, it’s horrible.

# Alterations are your friend. A good tailor can make a bad decision much better.

# Know what are neutrals. Black, brown, etc because they should be your basis in your outfits, and you should have a POP of color. You should not look like Barney. Classics are that for a reason, and they are wardrobe staples. Stick with them you will not go wrong. Trends are trends for a reason. Nobody wants them to last that long. So buy classics and you don’t have anything to worry about.

# Classics: Women: A nice pencil skirt, a nice button up shirt, a suit, a good pair of dark straight leg jeans, a jacket in a neutral color, black trouser pants (wool), pinstripe pants in a non offending color (no hot pink for the love of god), good fitting cashmere sweaters, and finally bras that fit. Men: A dark suit, no pleats, flat front pants, good wool pants in black, grey, navy. They all go with everything. Dress shirts and sport shirts in small patterns, fitted well to your body is a great beginning. Don’t over pay. Look for sales, but buy the best quality you can afford. Do your homework, and black shoes with black belt, brown shoes with earth colors, make sure the pants match the sock and vice versa.


*Know your budget.
*Get a personal shopper. It may save you in the long run.
*Make sure you know a good tailor because they can fix a hot mess.
*Don’t pay for it with a credit card. You end up paying for it twice before its over. Cash is king and a better negotiation tool.
*Bring a fashionable friend.
*Look for deals. On the other hand, don’t just get it because it’s on sale.

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