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QUOTE FOR TODAY:Don’t be so mired in today

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Don't be so mired in today that you don't lay the groundwork for infinite possibilities tomorrow —  atPassion of Essense Boutique.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Business’ Online Learning Experience – Yahoo! Small Business Advisor

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Online education is blowing up. We have everything from higher-level classes with platforms like Coursera and 2u (formerly 2tor), to mid-level education like Lynda, TreeHouse, Udemy and Skillshare, all the way to basic how to’s from platforms like SnapGuide, Instructables, and the millions of videos and guides already on the Web.

In short, it’s clear that the consumer is becoming more comfortable with the concept of learning online.

via 4 Ways to Improve Your Business’ Online Learning Experience - Yahoo! Small Business Advisor.

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How to Deal with Difficult Coworkers

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dv1080014No matter how lovely most of your coworkers are, there are always a few personality types that tend to bring down office morale. But you don’t have to let Mrs. Stress-y Pants or The “No” Man make your nine-to-five life miserable. Below, our experts’ tips on how to deal with the most annoying workplace dispositions in order to have a less stressful work day.

The Spotlight Stealer
You’re right in the middle of announcing to the team that you scored a new client when The Spotlight Stealer brings the attention of the group where she prefers it: back on her. When she interrupts your big news with her own, simply keep calm and continue with what you were saying after she runs out of steam, suggests Samantha DiGennaro, founder of DiGennaro Communications, a strategic public relations agency specializing in business communications. You can also lead by example by commending the entire team—“Client X signed on with our group”—instead of taking all the credit with a first-person statement, such as “I wrangled Client X into signing on.” Lastly, it can help to encourage the non-self-promoters to speak up, so The Spotlight Stealer doesn’t get to play “the hero” every time.

The Office Lingerer
As much as you appreciate your company’s open-door policy, when The Office Lingerer stops by to ask a question, then settles in and starts telling you all about his day, it’s so frustrating you wish you could put a lock on your door. New York City-based Executive Recruiter Patricia H. Lenkov asks what’s on all of our minds: “How is it that he has so much free time on his hands?!” Regardless of how he spends his time, make it clear that yours is precious. As soon as he swings by, announce a “hard stop”: “What’s up, Sam? I have a call in five minutes.” Before he gets too comfy, remind him, “That call is in two minutes, so we need to wrap this up.”

Mrs. Stress-y Pants
For Mrs. Stress-y Pants, everything is a major ordeal: filling out her timesheet, planning a meeting, deciding which restaurant to order lunch from—you name it. Though you can’t control her actions, you can control your reactions, says human resources expert Cy Wakeman, author of Reality-Based Leadership. Ask her calmly whether you can help. If she’s too flustered to accept your assistance, try to explain that she’s making the situation seem more stressful than it is. Wakeman recommends asking her questions, like "What are you believing in this moment?" and "What are the facts?” Hopefully she’ll start to see that the reality of what’s going on isn’t as bad as she’s making it out to be. But, if it seems like you can’t add immediate value to her problem-solving or that she might boil over any minute, simply walk away and move on with your day.

The “No” Man
Forget about adding your two-cents to the conversation, The “No” Man doesn't want to hear your strategy ideas or consider a more modern email platform; if you ask him to do anything outside of the status quo, you already know the answer. Don’t get caught up in his negativity, warns business expert Andrea Nierenberg, president of The Nierenberg Group, a business communications company that aims to improve employee and client relationships. Start conversations by letting him speak first and asking open-ended questions: “Andy, what do you like about our current email platform?” This should start a dialogue in which you can offer an alternative. When he (predictably) bristles at the idea of something new, ask him to come up with a solution, so the conversation becomes about what you can do instead of what you can’t.

Miss No Manners
Maybe you can hear her chewing (or chomping gum or playing music) through the cubicle wall, or perhaps she cooks smelly foods in the office microwave and leaves sloppy leftovers in the shared fridge—whatever workplace etiquette rules you swear by, Miss No Manners is likely to break them. If you’re comfortable speaking up, it’s completely appropriate to ask her to stop her annoying behavior, says Lenkov. However, if you’re not her superior, she may view your request as confrontational. Other options: Speak with the office manager or an office administrator, urges Lenkov, or suggest your superior send an office-wide email reminding everyone to observe and respect the company’s code of conduct.

The Slacker
Though you like to get to the office a little early so you can settle in before all the emails start flooding your inbox, The Slacker always rolls in late, leaves early and takes an extra-long lunch. Unfortunately, this means you get less done because you're constantly waiting for her to be available. Develop a rapport with her, suggests Susan Zeidman, a portfolio manager at American Management Association who is responsible for many of her company’s communications and management training programs. If she only makes herself available on a limited basis, you want to be someone she wants to see. If you’re collaborating on a project, try to come to some agreement about availability without criticizing her. Once you’ve worked out a plan together, share your plan via email with your boss or the rest of your team members so that she’ll be held accountable if deadlines are missed.

The Old Timer
Talk about a generation gap: At first, you found it endearing when The Old Timer called you “doll,” but when he started asking you to send a fax or set-up a meeting—even though you're not his subordinate—you grew tired of his Mad Men-esque ways. Determine why his behavior bothers you, says Michelle Tillis Lederman, author of The 11 Laws of Likability. Is using nicknames (albeit borderline-insulting ones) part of the office culture? How would he react if you said, “Sure, sweet-cheeks. I’ll fax this if you grab my coffee”? Sometimes it’s easier to overlook ignorance when there’s no evil intent behind it. However, if he is trying to “put you in your place,” stand your ground. Instead of doing his grunt work, offer to show him how it’s done so he can do it himself next time.

The Finger Pointer 
Whether a deadline’s been missed or a job’s been botched, The Finger Pointer is the first to announce exactly who’s to blame: anyone but her. For this personality type, communication is key, says Drew Stevens, who works with senior officers and managers to accelerate workplace productivity. Having a collaborative culture is good, but when you start a project, be very clear from the get-go about who’s responsible for what. Decide as a group who will tackle each task, then circulate an email that clearly outlines what’s expected of each group member, remembering to CC your boss. This way, should something go awry, everyone will know who is at fault.

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How To Succeed In Internet Business Opportunity?

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The Real Deal With Online Business: Everyone is talking about the potential for financial success with starting an online business, that it has reached a level of hype that makes most people question its ability to produce them in reality.

The Real Deal With Online Business: Everyone is talking about the potential for financial success with starting an online business, that it has reached a level of hype that makes most people question its ability to produce them in reality. Without a doubt, online business is a valid earning opportunity that can produce more than you are earning at your day job.

Despite the success stories, there are those few who failed in their venture. The reason for that is the failure to develop a business idea on your specific area of interest. When you opt for this, you get the advantage of having the skills and knowledge require to operate the business.

Successful Business Ideas You Can Try: When in doubt, opting for proven online business ideas is the way to go. There are added advantage to using successful business ideas for your online business venture than having an idea that would sell.

One benefit that you can get with choosing a proven business idea is that you already have market information available. This can help you assess the costs and other operational requirements needed to get the business started.

1. Affiliate Marketing: This is one of the more widespread internet business opportunity available. The good thing with this venture is the low startup cost requirement despite of a large earning potential. You will begin by contacting a given company until you are signed up to do promotion of their products or services until you earn commission for whatever sales your effort have produced.

2. Online Paid Surveys: The method here is similar to affiliate marketing wherein you work with a given company. The difference is that you are paid to perform online surveys related to the product of that company as part of their market research. Unlike affiliate marketing or other ideas for internet business opportunity, the earning prospect here is quite small.

3. Article Writing: For those with writing skills, there are several opportunities to make money from home using your skill. Becoming a freelance writer allows you to explore your options and accept writing jobs that range from promotion of products on the internet, blog advertising, or reviewing products or services. If you feel you are not that good of a writer, do not be intimidated. Most of these writing tasks will involve basic writing skills and your ability to provide useful content for web browsers.

Avoiding Internet Business Opportunity Scams: Due to the recent boom of the online industry and the business opportunities it offer, there are a few individuals who capitalize on it by luring people into scams. For newbies in the online business, your desire to earn success with this venture can be the reason for your own downfall. Therefore, it is best to examine your options first before you fall into these common scam techniques:

*They require you to pay a setup fee before you can start your own website and sell products.
*The claim of having "free advertising".
*Companies that emphasize on how much you will earn, without showing you the steps on how it is achieved.

Doing some research would help avoid scams and finding only legitimate internet business opportunity. When you do this, you arm yourself with the information you need to make the right choice.

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What is Medical Transcription? Can I make a career as a transcriptionist?

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Businesswomen with Headsets Working On ComputersA fresh college graduate or even an undergraduate can make a career of becoming a transcriptionist.

Many people have asked this question, and those looking for a job, are still asking the same question. A fresh college graduate or even an undergraduate can make a career of becoming a transcriptionist. People who do not understand what Transcription really is and what a transcriptionist really does mostly ask this question. Transcription basically means converting an audio file of spoken words into written, typewritten, or printed format. A person who does the transcribing from audio to text format is called a transcriptionist.

Transcription Services include Medical Transcription Services, Legal Transcription Services, and General Transcription Services. Many companies in the world provide these services to global clients. A company located in India or China or any other country for that matter, may provide services for clients in the US, the UK, or any part of Europe, or the world. India is a major Transcription Services provider and there are hundreds of Transcription companies with thousands of transcriptionists providing excellent service to clients all over the world. Many students who need to earn money to pay their way through college, individuals who would otherwise have been jobless due to limited skill sets, housewives with time on their hands, have got jobs as transcriptionists, and made an excellent career in this field. But many are still wary of this field and do not wish to make a career in Transcription as it lacks glamour and is equated with Data entry work.

Medical Transcription (MT) involves listening to audio recordings of reports, diagnoses, etc, dictated by doctors, physicians, or other health care professionals, and transcribing the audio files in to text format. So in a way, it does involve typing work. Although Transcription was first started in the 60s, it was mainly utilized to help in the manufacturing process, but was later adapted for MT. Transcription equipment too has changed over the years, from the manual typewriters of yesteryears, to modern electronic typewriters, to computers and word processors. Audio files have changed from plastic disks and magnetic belts, to cassettes and digital recordings. Voice Recognition System is being used increasingly with MT and by transcriptionists and people correcting the transcriptions, although, there are instances where VRS completely replaces MT.

Medical transcription involves formatting and typing to specific formats or criteria and transcribing the audio file of the patient care info into an easily readable written form. Transcription, especially in MT, requires proper and correct spelling of medical terms, correcting medical terms and/or errors in dictation. Transcriptionists also edit transcribed files and documents, print and return the finished documents on time. Transcription reports too should comply with medical and legal issues and concerns, procedures and policies, and pertinent laws regarding patient confidentiality.

There is no formal or special educational requirement to become a transcriptionist. Training and education can be done through a traditional school, diploma or certificate programs, distance learning, online training courses, and training provided in hospitals. Some countries and companies employing transcriptionists require around 18 to 24 months of special Medical Transcription training. For individuals working in MT leads to mastering medical terms and editing, capability to listen to audio and type at the same time, utilization of controls on a transcriber, and using foot pedals to make adjustments to dictations. As a career, a medical transcriptionists job is not bad, and if you are unable to get a better job for lack of proper skill sets, or due to the recession in your preferred, this job does provide a long lasting career, as MT will never see recession.

For all types of Transcription Services like Medical Transcription, General Transcription, Legal Transcription, please do visit our site or contact

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