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$14.99 for 3 Pure Fragrance Oil 1/3 Roll On Gifts for Bridesmaids

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Body Fragrance
Pick Your Scent

Passion of Essense 1/3 oz Roll on Perfume Body Oil For Women Strong Scent Fragrance, you get 3 of the same fragrance. These make great gifts for your Bridesmaids they come 3 to a group. Buy Now On Ebay


  • Black Butter
  • Big Pony Type by Ralph Lauren,
  • Coach Legend,
  • Couture Couture By Juicy Couture,
  • Dolce & Gabbana Type,
  • DownTown - Calvin Klein Type,
  • Giorgio Type,
  • Ed Hardy Type,
  • Egyptian Musk,
  • Flowerbomb Viktor & Rolf,
  • Giorgio - Giorgio Beverly Hills,
  • Guilty - Gucci Type,
  • Jimmy Choo Type,
  • Juicy Couture Type,
  • Kim Kardashian Type,
  • Passport Tokyo - Paris Hilton,
  • Rise by Beyonce,
  • Rouge By Rhanna,
  • Sexy Amber Type By Michael Kors,
  • Suede Type By Michael Kors,
  • Summer By Nicki Minaj

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