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AfricanSisters, is a Interactive Community for women of color where we come together to bring you updated news, beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips.

In 1995, we recognized that businesswomen need a strong network of mentors, peers, partners and resources. The principal objective is to offer the “Women of Color” a better way to communicate, educate and socialize over the web.  Our goal is to create new opportunities between women-owned business to become corporate America.


Madam C. J. Walker
developing and marketing a line of cosmetics and hair care products for black women through the business she founded, Madam C. J. Walker Manufacturing Company

AfricanSisters online community was designed for women of color who strive to start their own business. The exponential growth of over the years has only strengthened our resolve and commitment to businesswomen and their success.  Women strive to be in corporate leadership, management, have entrepreneurial success and small business ownership, but in many ways, today’s business world is tougher to negotiate than ever for women.  Every businesswoman should be conducting business on the Internet.  This market has increased sales and employment since the 1980’s.

If you are not selling online as a E-commerce business, you are potentially losing revenue and customers

Our vision was built around the value of a network, and through years of hard work, our team developed a network of invaluable partners whose vision and goals mesh perfectly together.  No network is complete without outstanding partners such as Poshmark and  other members

Essence (magazine)
that Black women were an overlooked demographic and saw Essence as an opportunity to capitalize on a virtually untouched market of Black women readers

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