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AfricanSisters.com is a true culture and lifestyle  of today’s African American Women.

If you’re between the ages of 18 and up and would enjoy being one of our promotional representatives, we invite you to apply for a spot on our team.

What is AfricanSisters team?

AfricanSisters team is a group of motivated, smart sisters who volunteer to help AfricanSisters identify trends, publicize events and better serve our audience. As a representative of AfricanSisters, you’ll be involved in fun and rewarding activities such as focus groups, promotions of AfricanSisters functions including youth seminars, and attendance at events such as the AfricanSisters Awards and Expos. Throughout your year-long participation, you’ll also gain a wealth of experience, networking opportunities and skills for your resume.

Who belongs on AfricanSisters team?

Women between the ages of 18 and up who demonstrate leadership experience and involvement in extracurricular or community activities. Each one of the  AfricanSisters team representatives from around the world must also be responsible, articulate and self-motivated and dedicated to the cause.

So how do I apply?

Click here to fill out our application and submit it via email.  If you’re selected, we’ll notify you by mail. Join our Team….

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