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If you are looking to being apart of, you come to the right place.  We believe in giving back to the community, supporting our sisters and showing them a better way to do business.  Our goal is to reach 1 million women of color who is dedicated to being apart of something that could help you as well as someone else.  You can join as free or benefit from our paid membership starts as low as $25.00 per year.  You can also be apart of the Million Sisters Extravaganza and make a small donation for future young Africansisters.  Read more about our vision and purpose below.  Your business can be included in our special Women of Color members site and enjoy all the benefits of being a member.  To get this special listing and web site promotion, join our membership now! click here to get started…

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Vision: is a vast network of women connecting with other businesses worldwide.

Purpose: supports you and your business! We are a community dedicated to the success and achievement for entrepreneurs in all occupations and professions.

Philosophy: offers member access to other member’s unique knowledge, talents, products and services.

Goals: focuses on you—what you need and what you have to offer: Even if your business is just ideal!  We want to support your growth, providing access to needed resources, connect you with others, and share your passion for achievement and prosperity, by purchasing your products and services support women and with a vision for accelerated growth. We are proactive in focusing on helping each other achieve success.  We realized that success means different things to different people. is the one place you can network with others who will support you, because we’re all uniquely different in exactly the same way!

About the Member Profiles and Search Engine:

Do you believe more business and opportunities could come your way if others:

  • Knew what you had to offer?
  • Knew how to contact YOU?
  • Understood the quality of your services and/or products?
  • Knew you were willing to help others succeed and achieve?

If your answer is “YES!” to any of these questions, then is where you need to be. We are the #1 resource for networking with women and men of color, marketing and connecting businesses on a local, regional and national basis. Our goal is to provide each business with a one-of-a-kind networking experience that can be personally and financially rewarding.

Here’s what we do:

  1. provides a professional and secure environment where women and men of color can showcase their knowledge, talents, products and services. Our members complete a simple online template that becomes their  “Member Profile.”  This member profile includes information about themselves, their products or services.
  2. Each Member Profile will be a part of our “Easy Search” database exclusively developed for networking. Example: If you live in Texas and you are looking for a product, service, mentoring or other assistance anywhere in North America, you simply choose a category within our network, select a city, and you will have access to a database of talented women and men who can offer the specific help you need.
  3. Drive traffic to our Member Profiles via by using a targeted matrix of marketing that includes:
    • Exhibiting at trade shows;
    • Radio and television promotion;
    • Print promotions;
    • Online marketing;
  4. Attendance at monthly meeting will provide members with coaching, mentoring and insight with continuous personal achievement.
  5. These meeting provides interactive with other entrepreneurs.
  6. Secure “exclusive” volume discount pricing on select products and services from wholesalers and retailers for our members.
  7. Sponsor local, regional events to bring women and men together to focus on networking.  These events will also showcase our organizational, business development, relationship building, and fun.
  8. “Giving Back Contribution Program “We have established a “Giving Back Contribution Program” that allows us to positively impact communities.  A percentage of our gross profit revenue is returned annually to a non-profit organization.

View Membership Packages

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