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If you build it, they will come?

Web Site Ads will put a impact on your potential customers.  Your business will gain higher expose with a instance view. They simply click on your Web Site Ad, promoting your offer or service, are instantly connected to your Web site.


  Text Link $30 per month/ 1,000 page view
Ideal if your products/services, promotions, or brand appeals to a broad audience. Run of Site distribution is non-targeted, general rotation of a color graphic banner that runs throughout on the Interactive Directory search results. 
  Front Page Texas Link $50 per month/1,000 page view
If your audience is more narrow, consider running a ad targeted to specific geographies or keywords that you specify. Selective rotation of a color graphic banner has the advantage of comprehensive targeting capability matching your criteria. 

  To purchase a Web Site, call us at (972) 329-3449. For more information about Web Sites, choose one of the following options:

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